What is a gunsmith?

A gunsmith is a professional who works on guns, much like a mechanic works on cars. Just like a mechanic, a gunsmith may offer everything from minor repairs and tune-ups to restorations and full rebuilds.

What services do you offer?

Almost anything and everything. We aim to be a full-service, comprehensive shop, and there are very few exceptions to what we can do. Check out our current pricelist here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for there, contact our Gunsmithing Shop at (801) 304-8070 or email us at [email protected]

What kind of guns do you work on?

Pretty much everything from antique black powder stuff all the way up to MSR’s. There are a few exceptions, and if you aren’t sure you can always ask!

  • No NFA/Class III guns
  • No AOW’s
  • No 80% lowers

Is your work guaranteed or warrantied in any way?

Yes, satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are also fully licensed and insured.

How long have you been doing this?

Although The Gunsmith at Sportsman’s Warehouse is a new program that we’re excited to offer, our gunsmiths are not new to the business. Our handpicked team has over 34 years of combined experience, with gunsmithing degrees from Trinidad State College and Yavapai College.

How does it work?

Bring your gun to any Sportsman’s Warehouse location, or our Gunsmithing Shop at

1630 S. 5070 W.
Ste. 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4753

Fill out your work order form in the store.

The firearm is shipped to our shop by the drop-off store.

  • Shipping fees are $20 for a long gun and $40 for a handgun
  • Shipping fees are waived for qualifying guns covered by our Firearm Service Plan (FSP)*

One of our gunsmiths will call with pricing and to gain authorization prior to any work being done.

  • Note: Although the basic pricelist is available, stores are not able to give complete quotes on pricing.

When your gun is done, we send it back to the store where you dropped it off.

  • Note: The person who dropped off the firearm must be the same person who picks it up, so this isn’t an errand you can put on anyone else’s “honey-do” list.

What if there isn’t a Sportsman’s Warehouse near me?

Ship your firearm with a current copy of your Driver’s License or FFL, the requested services, and your contact information to our Gunsmithing Shop at

1630 S. 5070 W.
Ste. 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4753

One of our gunsmiths will call with pricing and to gain authorization prior to any work being done.

What does my Firearm Service Plan (FSP)* get me?

On firearms that have our Firearm Service Plan (FSP)*, during the Plan coverage period, we will waive the shipping charges and give you 15% off your total ticket for gunsmithing work. That’s on top of the FSP* services you’re already covered for!

Will I get Loyalty Reward points for gunsmithing work?

Yes! As long as you have your Loyalty Account set up, that is.

Will I have to fill out an ATF Form 4473, do background checks, or have mandatory waiting periods to get my gun back?

Short answer: probably not!

Long answer: it’s your gun already, so there is no requirement to go through any of these processes with one potential exception. If your firearm is beyond repair and requires replacement of the serial number, then it will be processed with a 4473 as if it were a new purchase, with any additional applicable requirements set forth by local, state, and federal law.

How long will it take until I get my gun back?

Around a month, usually. That’s including shipping time (AK shipping may differ). Of course, it can be longer if you have a big job or if the parts are on order, but our Customer Service Team and gunsmiths can make sure you’re aware of any issues that will cause additional delays.

Tip: we all put things off from time-to-time, but if you need work done on your gun before hunting season, a shooting competition, or any other time-sensitive event, it’s always best to get started as soon as possible. When it comes to stuff like gunsmithing, the very last minute usually means too late. Do yourself a favor, save some stress, and don’t procrastinate on this one.

Here are some common issues that you don’t need to be embarrassed about, we totally understand

“I have a live cartridge jammed in my gun, and I can’t get the action open. Can I send it to you?”

  • No, it cannot be shipped due to safety concerns. We recommend that you bring it in to our shop at 1630 S. 5070 W., Ste. 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4753 if it’s within reasonable driving distance, or take it to a local gunsmith for assistance.

The answer to all of the following is, “Yes, we can help with that, and we won’t make fun of you or tell your friends.”

  • “So, I thought I could DIY this thing, but I may have messed up a little bit. Or maybe a lot …”
  • “So, I took my gun apart, and now I can’t get it back together. Plus, I might have lost a part or two in the process …”
  • “So, I’m nervous to take my gun apart for a really thorough cleaning, and it’s pretty dirty …”
  • “So, I took my gun to some dude I found on the internet, and he messed it up pretty good …”
  • “So, I bought this gun just because it looks cool, but it turns out it doesn’t perform very well …”
  • “So, I have this old gun, and I’m not sure if it’s worth anything or if I should bother to have work done on it …”